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• 1/15/2018

Dragons Prophet Help

I haven't been able to start the game for a couple of days now. When I try to open it the infernum logo pops up then closes and nothing happens. Is this happening to everyone and if not how do I fix this?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/26/2016

Money Spent, Server Pulled

So I really enjoyed playing this game, North America here. I spent actual money playing this, so since they pulled the servers on the North America users. Can I get a refund?
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• 10/6/2015

im from sri lanka, any one know is there any dragons prophet server which i can play, ?

im from sri lanka, any one know is there any dragons prophet server which i can play, ?
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• 1/10/2015

other locations on other maps

i do notice several other maps are still missing other locations like in Korhala is missing Dima when you first enter the zone and Serodar in the upper right corner.also Olandra needs more information as that one and Inartia lack quite a bit of information as i figured i'd throw this into the fire
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• 8/27/2014

Wiki Adoption

So none of the admins around here are active nor have responded to any messages for months. I've private messaged them on the SOE forums since they didn't respond on the wiki, but yeah no responces.
We have stuff needing done that needs admin power so someone suggested to me that I should apply for admin through wikia and they've asked me to make a post about it. Do you approve of me being admin or do you not? Post below!
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• 7/26/2014

Please tell me how to recover RideEnergy

I'm a Sorcerer.
Please tell me how to recover RideEnergy.
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• 7/8/2014

give dragons to a friend

is it possible to give  dragon to a friend. If yes how?    thx
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• 7/7/2014

DPWiki edit permissions

Hi all :3
There's an Edit button we all see even when logged out of Wiki, or have not yet signed up. Isn't it a bit risky to let Wiki be as open for edit as that, without anybody signing up for an account? I'm a little bit wary of that, I just don't trust anybody to edit outside of own account, considering the number of trolls that exist and continue to grow, ugh D:
I've seen other Wikis, some don't have that all-can-edit thing. Better safe than sorry? :3
Oh, take a look at this example here on first 2 lines: http://dragons-prophet.wikia.com/wiki/Laedis#Region
Edited by "A Wikia Contributor" just recently...
Permission settings need to be increased a bit :3
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• 4/27/2014

putting armor on your dragon

how do you put the armor on your dragon
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• 2/28/2014

I NEED out of 1st person. HELP!

Somehow I ended up in 1st person and I can't stand it. How do I get it back to 3rd person?
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• 2/5/2014

Discard of quest

How to discard a quest?
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• 2/5/2014

Monster Health

Does anyone know how I can find out how many health points a monster have?
I am trying to compleate the monster list. but I don't know how to find out how many health points the monsters have!
Can someone please help.
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• 1/20/2014

to make game faster

when i run the game its very slow?i dont know whats causing it?please any one know wats happening please give me a response
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• 1/19/2014

diamond purchases

Hello there:D  i love Dragon's Prophet, but i just bought some diamonds to buy myself a dragon and a villa.                                                                                     but where can i collect my purchases?
please i would be very mutch helped out.
greets, McBaB
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• 1/13/2014

what does costume bonus do?

what does this do?
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• 12/26/2013

PvP & Mounted Combat

One thing I've been getting into in game is PvP and mounted combat for dragons. I'd like to start putting together a section on this, would anyone else like to help?
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• 12/25/2013

Unable to get the LOG IN REWARDS, due to massive black out and lose of internet here in toronto.

Can I still get the reward? :(. I really want to get the eggs but natural event had uccured :(
no Internet for almost 6 days and no electricity for 4 days.
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• 12/25/2013

mulugun volcano how youuse canons to kill big dragon ?

i have repaired canons and found ammo but cant use is there a quest or some elessthanks fir help
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• 12/24/2013

Guild Pages

Right now there are two guild pages: 
1) http://dragons-prophet.wikia.com/wiki/Guilds
2) http://dragons-prophet.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_Features
Would it be okay if I tried to combine these pages so we basically have one page with all guild info? The current system seems ineffecient. Other ideas?
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