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Warning: Monsters in the housing area are over level 35. A warning will come up when you enter active PVP areas; the napolite mines on each island. Territory War happens once every third night which opens up a separate instance of the island for PVP. The Citadel, a guild castle, is obtained through PVP conquest of Alliances.

Player Housing and Getting There[]

Players may lease property in the game. The two housing areas Baerton Islands and Drathgor Islands each have 15 islands available for settling on.

To access the housing areas you must first enter the Path of Elders portal that is just northeast of Arteicia in Laedis. Access to the portal can be by flying mount or by elevator if approaching from ground level.

After you have entered the portal a map of the islands will be displayed and you can choose which of the islands you wish to visit.

Once you have chosen your island you will get a load screen and you end up at the Path of Elders Portal Manager. You may have a conversation with him if you wish. He provides an assortment of information about the area. To exit the housing area use the Path of Elders portal next to the Path of the Elders Portal Manager and it will return you to Arteicia.

There are Quezak Gates on each island that will allow you to navigate between islands without having to exit and re-enter the Path of Elders portal. Simply fly into them to activate the island menu. If you select the island you are currently on at the Quezak Gate it will teleport you next to the portal that takes you to Arteicia.


Apartment Manager

The prices for property have been lowered from their original suggested prices. However, the rent is still paid on a daily basis. Your apartment does not come with any buildings or furnishings, you need to purchase or craft them yourself.

Other players can see your land, buildings and furnishings. Apartments appear to be 'instanced' with all tenants sharing a common entrance.

Renting Apartments[]

Apartment Portal

To rent an apartment you must speak with the Apartment Manager. There is at least one on every island. Starting a conversation with him will open up the purchase menu which shows you the price of purchasing an apartment along with all the other pertinent information.

The portal to enter your apartment is located at the top of the stairs next to the Apartment Manager. Each sky island has multiple apartment complexes available. The names, locations, and availability differ, but the rental agreements are always the same:

  • 500 Items
  • 100,000 Gold Downpayment
  • 240 Gold Daily Rent
Apartment Complex Region
The Clumsy Raider Darkshroud Isle
The Groggy Fox Darkshroud Isle
The Mediocre Blade Dusklight Isle
The Boring Story Firestorm Isle
The Granite Dagger Firestorm Isle
The Leaky Goblet Gustwalker Isle
The Long Shadow Mossfen Isle
The Cider Barrel Murkmire Isle
The Stocky Goat Murkmire Isle
The Colorful Hoof Ridgecrest Isle
The Disoriented Juggler Ridgecrest Isle
The Top-Heavy Stork Ridgecrest Isle
Tanthor's Tower Skygrasp Isle
The Musty Musket Snowdrift Isle
The Stolen Amulet Stonecliff Isle
The Thirsty Bat Stonecliff Isle
The Chipped Napolite Stormreach Isle
The Toothless Giant Stormreach Isle
The Nondescript Wagon Tallpeak Isle
The Lazy Giant Windroot Isle
The Muddy Brook Windroot Isle
The Sleeping Shark Windroot Isle

Apartment Blueprints[]

Apartment blueprints are upgrades you can apply after purchasing a basic apartment. All apartments come with a pre-decorated, un-editable entryway area.

Blueprint Rooms House Items Design Renovation Fee
Lilia Standard Room Type 1 500 Stone 0
Lilia Superior Room Type 2 600 Stone 50,000 Gold
Lilia Deluxe Room Type 4 700 Stone 100,000 Gold
Comfort Style 2 800 Japanese Dojo Marketplace
Elegant Style 3 1000 Japanese Dojo Marketplace
Secret Apartment ~ ? Floating Island Marketplace
Modern Egypyian Style ? ?  Egypyian 8000 Vanquisher Insignias
Gothic Style ? ? Gothic 8000 Vanquisher Insignias

Apartment Pictures[]

Land Plots[]

The prices for property have been lowered from their original suggested prices. However, the rent is still paid on a daily basis. Your land does not come with any buildings or furnishings, you need to purchase or craft them yourself.

Purchasing Land Plots[]

200 x 300 Land Plot

There are two ways to purchase plots of land: with in-game currency, or with a Land Warrant that is purchased from the Marketplace. Plots of land that are available for purchase will have a border of wooden posts surrounding them. To purchase a property you need only interact with the sign attached to the property and it will bring up a purchase menu.

Prices depend on the size of land plot. Empty plots come at a standard price, but pre-owned plots (from players who have been evicted for not paying rent) vary based on their contents and bonuses.

New Plot (Empty)[]

Size House Items Buildings Price Daily Rent
100 x 100 1000 1 800,000 480
200 x 200 1070 1 2,000,000 864
200 x 300 1140 1 3,000,000 1,056
300 x 300 1220 2 5,600,000 1,776
300 x 400 1300 2 8,400,000 2,208
400 x 400 1380 2 12,000,000 3,552
400 x 500 1460 2 18,000,000 4,320
500 x 500 1550 3 23,700,000 6,480
500 x 600 1640 3 35,600,000 7,680
600 x 600 1730 3 44,700,000 10,848
600 x 700 1820 3 67,100,000 12,576
700x700 1920 4 82,500,000 16,944
700x800 2020 4 123,800,000 19,296
1000x1000 2550 5 493,400,000 48,480

House Pictures[]

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