The Kindred Compass is a wheel within the game you can spin to receive prizes from. It typically contains Marketplace items and varying rewards like Transportation Runes or Server Megaphones.

The wheel can be accesed by pressing the "." key (default), clicking the wheel image above the chat box, pressing ESC and going to the community tab, or opening the friendslist.

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Once you open the wheel you will be presented with the option to spin the wheel for 25 Kindred Insignias or 250. Choosing 250 puts the more rare items together on the same page without the common items you would usually get spinning for 25.

If you are playing on Dragon's Prophet Europe, the wheel will cost 50 for a normal spin and 200 for the rare item spin.

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The following methods are available to obtain Kindred Insignias with the first two being the most common:

  • Friendship Gift Packs - Obtained from friendship points automatically gathered in the bar on the top of the chat box or friendslist when a friend kills something. Upon reaching 1000 points you can then recieve a Friendship Gift Pack which awards 10-20 Kindred Insignias. There is a limit on these per day depending on how many friends you have.
  • Road Quests - Depending on the zone you are in road quests will award 1-6 Kindred Insignia per quest randomly.
  • Treasure Hunting - Lundahl's Treasure awards 1000 Kindred Insignias.

When is the Wheel Updated?Edit

NA - Almost once a year.

EU - Every Wendsday (Unless prevented by an issue)

Past Rewards from the Kindred Compass on NAEdit

Past Rewards from the Kindred Compass on EUEdit