Material Refinement (also known as Synthesis) is a crafting process which players can utilize to transform various synthesizable items and a Refinement Essence into an equipment Attribute Catalyst.

Synthesis window

The Material Refinement window

How to useEdit

Open the crafting interface to start the process. To start it, you'll need a Refinement Essence and a synthesizable item, like Sharp Fang or Crust.

To select the synthesizable items you want to use hover your cursor above any of the lower square boxes and select it.

Each item has a different attribute percentage, this determines the probability you have to obtain a catalyst with the respective attribute.

You can utilize up to 2 different synthesizable items in the process.

To complete the daily achievement No Sweat it's required to perform a Material Refinement.

Synthesis example

A single Sharp Horn being refined

Synthesis example2

The outcome.

Required MaterialsEdit

Item Icon Obtaining method
Refinement Essence Refinement Essence Mining ore veins, harvesting from plant patches or from gathering wood
Synthesizable items Synthesis items Drops from monsters.


Item Icon Invasive Defense Cumulative Energy Preservation
Sharp Horn Sharp Horn 20% 50% 15% 15%
Sharp Fang Sharp Fang 20% 25% 25% 30%
Sharp Scale Sharp Scale 15% 15% 20% 50%
Coarse Tendon Coarse Tendon 50% 5% 15% 30%
Crust Crust 10% 15% 50% 25%
Bone Bone 50% 15% 20% 15%