Puretia: A region full of antagonisms, where light and darkness, growth and destruction are equally present. Green pastures still shape Puretia and the peasants bring in fruitful harvest, so the inhabitants of this area suffer no want. People are friendly, approachable and live their lives with the typical serenity of men who are well aware that haste makes waste.


But underneath the exterior of a flourishing and romantic spot with rustic villages and big cities, a darkness lurks that has been haunting Puretia for hundreds of years. Alchemistic cults which taint once peaceful places and carry out unspeakable experiments on dragons, missing geniuses who bring fanatic followers to the scene, undead hordes on the rise: The menaces of then and now are present at all times, and it is worth one's while to look behind the scenes of seemingly plain locations. The contradiction of romantic beauty and the ever growing doom which infests the world of Auratia couldn't be more evident in Puretia. An ideal place to grow old... or die young.

Dragon's Prophet - Puretia

Dragon's Prophet - Puretia


The Paeon region benefits greatly from the mighty Craig River, which drives the gigantic mills in the city. This made it easy for the inhabitants to establish a flourishing agricultural economy. 

Life is peaceful here, but this was not always the case. Before the Second Dragon War, the nefarious Shax attempted to ambush the Eternal Dragon Samoor — but a young boy from one of the settlements warned the dragon. The boy paid for his heroic deed with his life — but he will not be forgotten: His name, Paeon, is now the name of the city and a large statue immortalizes him.

Cyporf Tower and the Cyporf ExperimentEdit

Cyporf was once the most famous Alchemist in all of Auratia. He was one of the nefarious Shax. In his tower and the adjoining experimental field, he carried out countless macabre experiments on Eternal Dragons, of which none lived to tell the tale. During the Second Dragon War, the Eternal Dragons finally put an end to these iniquitous undertakings.


The administration of the tower was transferred to Arboran, but in the first few decades this responsibility was woefully neglected and this former center of alchemistical research now seems to have fallen into the hands of dubious individuals.

Capac and Lake KrentEdit

Numerous fish swim about in Lake Krent in the south, the largest freshwater lake in Puretia. This was reason enough for the industrious fishermen of Capac to found their own city. 

Since then, they have coexisted peacefully with the water dragons, who were also drawn here by the abundance of fishing grounds. However, this peace is based on the understanding that both parties avoid each other, which is why the fishermen are careful not to get in the dragons' way and vice versa.

Shadrilo HouseEdit

The Shadrilo House on the shores of Lake Krent is a truly bizarre building.

The famous engineer Shadrilo built this residence in order to have some peace and quiet away from his many admirers — which they fully understood and accepted. Well, at least until Shadrilo suddenly disappeared, and since then no small number of curious individuals have attempted to unravel the mysteries of this structure — in particular a group which called themselves the "Disciples of Master Shadrilo". However, like the great Master, all these adventurers have also vanished without a trace, which is why people now think that Shadrilo's house is haunted.

Chago RocksEdit

The Chago Empire is considered the predecessor of modern kingdoms such as Arboran. According to legend, a phenomenal eruption of the Mulungu Volcano once hurtled the entire empire high into the sky, and it has been floating about up there since then, but only few believe in these myths.

Only a few things remind us of the empire's former might — a few collapsed statues line a long winding path leading up into the mountains. All that remains now are the legends and myths of powerful kings and formidable warriors.


When entering Arboran, the first impression a wanderer gets is a truly majestic one. A grand victory square lies right in front of a mighty city whose towers rise high into the clouds.

There are houses upon houses in narrow streets, and everywhere there are merchants peddling their wares — nobody would ever think for a minute that half of the city had been annihilated in a devastating natural catastrophe. However, if you follow the course of the Moy waterfall past the large cliff and the deep gorge, you will notice numerous houses that have been buried and which were destroyed. One can only imagine the magnitude of the wrath that must have rained down back then.

Ash ValleyEdit

This valley that runs around the shores of the giant saltwater lake that was created during the First Dragon War is bitterly contested. The Arboran troops constructed an outpost that was originally meant to protect the important deliveries of salt from the Salt Crystal Dragons.
However, dark powers have made themselves at home in Lajeer castle and since then the defenders of Arboran have had their hands full.



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