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Quests by Zone Level Range
Bakra (Closed) 1 - 30
Satuma (Closed) 1 - 30
Puretia 1 - 30
Laedis 30 - 40
Wynnadia 40 - 50
Korhala 50 - 60
Wintertide 60 - 70
Inartia 70 - 80
Alentia 80 - 90
Olandra 90 - 94
Porthis 94 - 98
Thadrea 98 - 102
Sitheran 102 -105
God Mastery Quests
Level 10
Level 60
Miscellaneous Quests
Event Quests
Road Quests

Understanding How Quests WorkEdit

Quest StructureEdit

There are multiple parts to understanding a quest such as what the recommended level is, where is it located, etc. Here is an image detailing how the quest structure works, and the hotkey for bringing this book up in game is J (default).

Quest Guide

Common Quest TypesEdit

The two most common types of quests are to kill or gather something. This will be showcased by a large yellow (if you are gathering) or red (if you are killing) circle(s) on the large map. When entering the circled area you will see mini dots of the same color on the bottom right mini map which will be the item or monster you are looking for.

Example of a gathering quest:

Quest help

Quest TipsEdit

After reading above how quests function you can use that knowledge to figure out most quests in the game. Sometimes though, you will still run into trouble somewhere and these additional tips may help you but do not cover every possible situation.

I see a question mark on the map but nothing is there?Edit

If you have gone to the question mark there is only two places the NPC can be, up or down. You will find sometimes the NPC can be far above you on a structure such as a deck or roof. Sometimes maps have lower underground levels such as a small cave or a massive cave system such as the one in Porthis. Look around the area if you think the NPC could be inside a cave and always double check what the quest details say for a clue as to where they will be.

My quest says to gather X item but it's not here?Edit

Some quests will have you gather items that appear only at a certain time of day. Usually in the quest text it tells you or provides a hint as to which time of day you can find the item. As with the previous tip, make sure it is not above or below you somewhere.

My quest told me to speak to locals in the area but talking to no one finishes it!Edit

Along with other similar quests where you are to investigate or learn about something and talking to every NPC in the area for the quest won't complete it. The usual solution is one of these NPC's you speak to will offer a quest after speaking to them, or one already has a quest available that needs to be done to complete the original quest you were doing. Sometimes these NPC's can give you a small quest chain before finally completing that one quest for you.