The name Sitheran means “entrance to evil” in draconic, and never was a zone so rightfully named. It holds indeed the Dimension Gate, which is the one and only entry to the surrounding continent of Jagnoth – the Land of the Dead, where Kronos is breeding his army. Chaos threatens, as Kronos’ forces grow even stronger than before and the Allies of Thadrea, who recently managed to step into the region, stand divided.

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As Osirans only hold small and precarious positions, you will have to fight your own way through the various conflicts and factions quarrelling over these poisonous lands, corrupted by ancient conflicts. Stock up on gas masks, you will need them!

Both the huge Tainted Lagoon waters and the peculiar “trees” of Greenshroud Wood bear the poisonous mark of these fumes. Only the mysterious and peaceful Gleamers can survive in this toxic atmosphere. Saving them from the Shax noxious experiments seems to be your only chance of finding an antidote…

Among the many indigenous species of Sitheran, Blood-Devils are one of the most dangerous. The crimson red poisonous waters of Carrion Marsh probably gave them their signature bloody colour, or maybe does it come from the corrupted blood used by Kronos himself to give them life?

These days, they behave strangely passively, only guarding the entrance to Racmon Grotto and the path to the Black Tower. It seems they are waiting for something… like a call of their creator.

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《群龍默示錄》Dragon's Prophet 斯帕蘭遊戲場景宣傳影片



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