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After you create a character in Dragon's Prophet, you can choose to start the tutorial or skip it. However, it's a good idea to play through it because it gives some great tips including how combat works, how to summon your dragon, and some of the story as well.
Dragon's Prophet Tutorial Beta

Dragon's Prophet Tutorial Beta

Dragon's Prophet Tutorial

It starts you out with your bretheren in the Skyhammer Clan. The Skyhammer are the main Osira in Auratia, and the group your character hails from.

At the start, you'll see a pop-up explaining that movement is the usual WASD. If you want to get to additional menu items, press the Escape key on your keyboard. Pressing Escape again will bring you back to the action-mode. To continue with the tutorial, step forward and you'll see another cut scene.

Next it's time for some combat! Press the left mouse-button to fire off a few quick shots at the training dummy. Then add the right mouse-button into your rotation. this will create some pretty cool combos depending on how you work it. In addition, your hotbar will also have some more skills that you can use. Keep attacking until you get to the next cut scene. 

Now it's time to summon your dragon! As the pop-up message indicates, hit the tilda (~) key on your keyboard to summon your dragon. Then hit the Tab key to mount it.

Time for another cut scene! Andre will talk about a dragon named Vysk who fought alongside Sabosha. Sabosha will become a key NPC as you progress through Dragon's Prophet.

In the next part of the cut-scene you'll see an explosion off in the distance. Andre heads towards it to see what's going on, only to find some mauraders where his kin should have been. A masked figure instructs his men to attack. But now it's your turn to step into battle. You have to assist the captain (Andre) in killing off the imposters!

A woman in black appears - Wenda Zindrel. She appears to be in possession of an evil black dragon! That's against everything the Skyhammer Clan believes in! So it's once again time to take up arms and fight! You'll need to keep attacking until the next cut-scene.

Both Mentis and Andre are killed. Now it's just you...and Wenda kicks you off the cliff!

At the end, you'll see a map that lets you choose either Hunak, Siberna, or Helmoth as your starting city.